• November 13, 2018

    Dear Friends and Families of GUSD,

    It is with great concern that I write to you all this morning.  It was less than 48 hours earlier that Globe was rocked with the fatal shooting of four citizens and the death of two of those.  As always when confronted by the violence that seems to be escalating in our culture, we are shocked, horrified, and deeply saddened that our society is facing a seemingly endless barrage of terror. 

    As the superintendent of Globe Unified School District, I have to take it all very solemnly and consider what we are doing to try to minimize any potential threats to our students.  We have reemphasized school safety here in Globe over the past few months.  Many of you were able to attend the training sessions about surviving active shooters with Jesus Villahermosa last spring.  These sessions included a full-day training for staff, student assemblies, and a parent meeting.  Almost everyone that attended gave these sessions the highest marks possible. 

    In addition we have strengthened and improved some of our visitor protocols in the buildings.  We are also revising our school emergency preparedness plan with Mr. Villahermosa serving as a consultant to make sure we are including the proper responses to various emergencies.  We have entered into discussions about trying to secure a school resource officer in our district on a shared basis with the Globe Police Department. 

    All of these steps are very important but they pale in comparison to the best measures that we can provide to try to prevent violence in our schools.  Dr. Carl Hermann of Arizona State University has done extensive research on school violence and has concluded that the best deterrent to an in school violent incident is to build a school culture that accepts and appreciates each student.  When a school is considered to be a welcoming place for each student there are very few incidences of violence in that school. 

    That is what we continue to try to build here at GUSD.  We as district leaders including the governing board, administration, and staff are committed to our vision statement, “Capturing hearts, empowering minds.”  When we achieve that lofty goal we will be providing the safest environment possible for all of our students and staff.  We thank you as a community for your support and encouragement as we continue to build toward that outcome.

    Best wishes,

    Jerry Jennex, Superintendent


Last Modified on November 14, 2018